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Needed a good kick in the teeth this morning. One name came to mind: MykoMan!

The high octane bluesy rock of "She's My Nightmare" did the trick. A human powerhouse!


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Studio Drums / Vocals


My recording history started in 1964 at Chess Records in Chicago followed, over the years, by sessions at RCA in Nashville and Cleveland Recording. As a lifelong musician and recording enthusiast, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of professional musicians along the way. Those experiences make it easy to recommend the services of “MykoMan,” Mr. Michael Lawrence.
His ability to interpret and embrace another musician’s vision; to “get” the notion of online collaboration; to deliver clean, crisp, properly recorded tracks - on time - place him in the category of Professional. The breadth of personal experience he brings to the table enables him to provide the right percussion for whatever the project requires.
Joe Markko
3hands Audio Post-Production


Live Drums / Vocals

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We contacted MykoMan due to an emergency need for a drummer. It was a seamless gig and his ability to fill in was quite impressive. He was easy to work with and helped us fulfill our obligation to the club that hired us. Thanks MykoMan...join our band!


Ninth Bar Breakdown Band

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