I'm proud to be a part of this all original music project, Home Before Midnight. I originally met Joe Markko, vocalist/lyricist while attempting to keep my solo project alive. I wasn't able to find a drummer so figured I would find a singer to front the band and I'd play drums and do backups. As fortune would have it, Joe was online and I heard his voice and thought he'd be a great fit to sing MykoMan music. Even though that idea didn't work due to Joe's schedule, we stayed in contact.

Joe had began working with Michael Mammano, music and songwriting maestro and when it came time for them to apply drums to their tracks, Joe gave me a call and my relationship with Home Before Midnight began! After a few months Joe and Michael decided to put a band together and introduce the music via live shows. I was very happy to join their vision and have never looked back. Since the band idea was originated, Home Before Midnight has added a bass player, Dave Tudor, keyboards, Scott Simmons and a guitarist, Michael Baran.

Look for Home Before Midnight shows in 2019 as we have recently finalized a full band recording session and video shoot. Things are happening and I'm sure you'll love the music!