Happy Thursday!  

I've included the award winning tune written with Mr Joe Vitale and featuring George McGrew on guitar! "Halo" is a dark tune that moves with rock meets orchestra (MykoToven!)...you can envision a James Bond chase scene as he escapes with a beautiful, dark princess...or perhaps that's just the mood I'm in! Enjoy!


View from the cockpit! 

I'll be "flying high" tomorrow doing drum trax...love doing studio trax for other artists! Tomorrow will be work for Joe Markko and Michael Mammano, 2 gunslingers writing a gr8 project. Glad to be a part!

If you marry for money...you will earn it! 

Perhaps you've experienced a "gold digger". They sneak up when you least expect it. Have big bux? They will have "big love"! Those that love you regardless of your bank account most likely love you for who you truly are.

Love for the right reasons...otherwise your heart will remain as empty as your wallet because eventually the money won't buy what you lack. Want true love? Be true to yourself and let it flow!

Drum TraX Session! 

Look forward to visiting Mr Wade Nichols at his studio, Starsound Studios this Wednesday! Doing drum trax for two talented hombres, Mr Joe Markko and Michael Mammano. They have a great project going and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! 

The Agenda and GhostRock 

This upcoming weekend is jam packed with great gigs! A private party playing with The Agenda and an exciting gig with GhostRock in Austintown, Ohio. The Agenda plays a wealth of variety and GhostRock brings out some classics not typically heard from bands these days. If you're in the Youngstown area we'd like to invite you to come out and catch GhostRock...a 3 piece that's locked and loaded for fun!

Wrapping up summer with a nice bow! 

I will long remember the summer of '16....lotsa life changing moments. Some good...some not as good. Either way we all move to the Fall with hoodies, fires and hot love on our minds! I'll be gigging around the Cleveland area and love to meet people...come on out and yell, scream and have some fun!
Rock on!!!