Review of "Time" by publisher Jonathon Stone

This song could be a radio hit. Unlike most songs I have reviewed, this one really seems to be a fully developed idea with nice production. There's a lot to this track! The talking vocals and the backing vocals all add to the mix. I am very much impressed by this track. I am dancing while I type this! The synth horns sway the listener across time. The vocals are just tremendous on this! I will rate it a nine out of ten for being a fully thought out idea with quality content and context!
MykoMan's debut release "It's About TIME", has received strong reviews from industry professionals in addition to receiving top 10 status in various categories on, an industry staple for songwriters and publishers. "It's About Time" is an engaging compilation that will hold your interest and touch different segments of your musical pallet.

Review of "Something I Don't Have" by online DJ

This song has a strong influence of Prince's When Doves Cry. I didn't think I liked it but now I am responding to it. I really like the strength of the vocal. The song arrangement is very nice and not predictable. It keeps my interest. The tone of the vocal is sexy. The musicianship is fantastic and also has a nod to 80s metal. Production of the song is great. For once, no complaints. I definitely would play this on my online radio station and want to hear more from this band!! It’s a hit!
Changing Minutes is the latest release from MykoMan and features "Ally Kat", a unique tune about life in the streets...and the award winning "Halo". Both of these songs received Licensing agreements for TV shows! Keep an ear out for them on one of your favorite TV shows! Special Bonus track included. "Changing Minutes" is a great addition to the minutes in your life.

What the Country!

Slip on down the country back roads with MykoMan and enjoy his approach to Country, the roots of American music! MykoMan is originally from Raleigh, NC and his roots come out on this mix of heartfelt songs along with a rockin' tune "Been a Good Ride" and a jazzy blues approach with "Baby Done Changed Her Shoes". So, put on your hats and go for a ride!

ReverbNation review for "Witch Doctor"

An up beat intro makes you instantly intrigued, you wait patiently for that drum beat to come in... then it hits, pure hearty cowbell backed with strong male rock vocals. This track is something to be rocking out to and high volume, your feet tap, your hands clap and you try your hardest to sing along with the rough edgy voice. If the voice isn't enough with the drums, cowbell and lead guitar then you get your fair share of solo's. From an excellent psychedelic guitar wail to a classic drum solo. The only problem with this track is that it ends too soon and you want more and you want it now, it will most certainly be an important piece in this bands music catalog as I can see it being loved by music fans galore. Its a high rating for this high paced and high volume styled rock classic.
As the second hand moves our lives move with it. Keep moving forward with tunes from "Second Hand"!
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