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We appreciate ya and thanX for visiting!


Very nice songwriting, you give a fresh perspective to rock by adding world music and goth elements.

Needed a good kick in the teeth this morning. One name came to mind: MykoMan! The high octane bluesy rock of She's My Nightmare did the trick. A human powerhouse!

Great song structures, unique and cool vocals with polished production. Ally Kat is a superb tune.
Hi, again!
One more comment: I am absolutely enjoying your music! Each song is perfect! It is exactly the music I wish I could do, record and perform one day. Even if it is only in my dreams, it is what I love! It is like Joe Cocker meets Bryan Ferry, David Bowie and Eric Clapton, plus your songs sound very fresh!
Masterpieces - all of them!

Marek Starx

Feelin' Social

Fellow musician kudos

I'll try to be brief. I LOVE your vocals and the tight music and production. I was about to tell you my favorite one when I clicked to listen to one more. Now, it's strange that for the last few days I have been thinking of posting one of my newest songs that starts with a kind of eastern groove and ends with a western interpretation on the melody. I clicked on "Halo" !!!! NICE!!!!! I have become a fan of yours and will definitely be back to hear more (and to hear Halo again!)



I wanna give a special shout out and THANX to my gunslingin' writing buddy...Mr George McGrew. George and I have worked together on the stage and in the studio since 2010. We did the Ultimate Journey tribute until our last show here at the Riverfront Concert Series in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Working together in the studio has been great and look forward to many more tunes.
Mr McGrew...we'll do it again!